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Partnerships for Innovation, January 2021/ NSF 19-506
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National Science Foundation
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This competition is enabled for Proxy applicants. Please scroll to the bottom of this screen for further instructions on how to use the Proxy functionality.

The NSF Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) Program funds technology translation and development based on prior NSF funded research projects from all science and engineering disciplines supported by the NSF.

Within the PFI program there are two application tracks:

  • PFI Translation Technology (TT)
  • PFI Research Partnerships (RP)

Harvard University, as one institution, is limited to submitting one (1) proposal to the PFI-RP track of this opportunity.

There are no limits to the number of applications Harvard may submit to the PFI-TT track.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research is facilitating the internal proposal selection for the PFI- RP process.

  • The Research Partnerships Track (PFI-RP)/ Awards funded up to thirty-six (36) months/ funding up to $550,000,  limited to one (1) proposal from HU
  • The Technology Translation Track (PFI-TT)/ There is no limit to the number of applications to the Tech Translation Track (PFI-TT). Applicants should not apply for this track using HUFP. Awards are funded eighteen to twenty-four (18-24) months/ funding up to $250,000.

Please note that both application tracks have lineage requirements. All applicants should review the RFA,  to ensure they meet these requirements.



Application Information:

Applicants will be asked to answer and submit the following as part of the internal application process
(this information will appear again on each applicant's electronic dashboard)

For Research Partnerships:

  • Lineage Requirement: The PI or Co-PI will be asked to provide proof of research lineage in order to meet the eligibility threshold for this opportunity
  • PI-CV, no preferred format
  • Co-PI CV, if applicable, no preferred format
  • A brief summary, of no more than five (5) pages, 12 point font minimum, of the Research Partnership idea being proposed. Associated graphics and/or references may be placed on blank pages after the written summary
  • Name and contact information about the following partners, either speculative or confirmed at this time: Primary Industry Partner(s), Primary Research Partner(s),Third Party Investor
  • A Facilities and Resources statement

Additional Information, Related Websites, and Proxy Instructions:

This competition is enabled for Proxy applicants. Before beginning an application, Proxies will be asked to locate their Principal Investigator in HUFP. If your PI is not registered in HUFP, please ask them to create their profile using their HarvardKey. Proxies should never "Add User" in HUFP.

  • Additional information about this opportunity can be found in the NSF RFP


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  • Harvard Kennedy School
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