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FY21 Neurobiology Group Predoctoral Fellowships


The Quan Fellowship and the Neurobiology Graduate Fellowship Fund provides support for outstanding, articulate PhD students who have shown significant leadership qualifications. These funds enable the Department of Neurobiology to support fundamental research and training for predoctoral fellows. Funds may be used to support stipend and tuition/fees.

Application Information:

Applications consist of a nomination letter written by the Faculty Advisor, indicating the student's accomplishments, publication record, and leadership skills.

Fellowships are generally $20,000 per year and are renewable. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees must be G3 and above, and be working in an HMS Department of Neurobiology Quad laboratory.

Search Filters:

  • Harvard Medical School (Quad)
    • Graduate Student
      Type of Competition
      • Harvard Internal Funding
        • Basic Science
        • Life Science
        • Social/Behavioral Science
          Type of Award
          • Fellowship
            Begin Accepting Applications Date:
            Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
            3/02/2020 11:30 PM