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FY21 Neurobiology Group Postdoctoral Fellowship


This funding opportunity from the HMS Department of Neurobiology provides funding for postdoctoral fellows doing basic science research in the HMS Department of Neurobiology.


The following fellowship opportunities are offered for FY19:


·      The Alice and Joseph E. Brooks Fund (for international postdocs:  non-citizens, non-residents)


·      The Fix Fund


·      The Louis Perry Jones Fund


·      The Mahoney Fund

Application Information:

•       2-Page Research Description/Plan (including figures, not including references; 11-pt font with at least 0.5 inch margins) making clear relevance to neurological diseases


•       Fellow CV in NIH format, including bibliography and current other support


•       Faculty Sponsor/Mentor’s Other Support page


•       Letter of Recommendation from Faculty Advisor

Eligibility Criteria:

Postdoctoral fellows doing basic science research relevant to neurological diseases in laboratories of HMS Department of Neurobiology Quad faculty members.


This is a group application process:  one application for all of the fellowships listed above. 


Note:  only one application per lab for all of these fellowships combined. 

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            3/09/2020 11:30 PM